Job Search Strategies

You’re wondering why you’re not getting the job you want. But what are you doing to make your OUTCOME change?

• Submitting the same resume.

• Answering interview questions the same way.

• Your LinkedIn profile gets the same response from employers: Viewed.

Aren’t you tired of getting the SAME results? Something needs to change for your career circumstances to change. It’s time to get out of whatever it is that’s holding you back.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Lance, a certified career coach. Back in the mid-2000s, long before I started career coaching, it would have been routine for me to continue applying for jobs and getting rejected or accepting jobs with very low pay. It was absolutely painful and frustrating.

But you know what I did instead? I broke the cycle and hired a career coach who helped me go from making $7.00 per hour to an income that afforded me to pay off my car and all of my medical bills.

What are you going to do to get the job you want?

A testimony from one of my clients who did something about his situation:

“On July 27th, I had my resume reviewed by Ms. Lance and I could not stop smiling while emailing to her!! As we were discussing my skills, I couldn’t believe the POTENTIAL she saw in me!! She highlighted things that I knew I did, but I didn’t “think of it like that.” I couldn’t believe how much I doubted myself and my skills over the years! After the review I started applying for jobs. I landed two interviews (which I never thought I would have got) I contacted Ms. Lance again and she give me some great interview tips. On August 10th I got offered the job as a Auditor. The job pays $10,000 more than my past salary. Finally I got a job in my field. I’ve truly been selling myself short and I’m so grateful and humbled by this experience.”

Stefan Lewis, Auditor

You have two options to change YOUR STORY:

Work with me by investing in my Resume and Interview Strategies Package with one-on-one coaching including everything from job search strategy to mock interviewing.

Take one step at a time and choose faster standalone options on my A La Carte page that fit where you are now in your career search.

If you want to talk about the job you want or your career goals first for 30 FREE minutes, click the button below and let’s get started!